An introduction

Automation in industry, connected cars and critical infrastructure observation with drones are some of the benefits associated with advanced technologies. However, these applications require more properties that can guaranty safety, including real-time reaction, secure and effective data protection and management, and industry-specific safety guidelines as well as energy efficiency. The RAINBOW project will plan and develop an open and secured fog computing platform that will advance the management of extensible, diverse and safe IoT services and cross-cloud applications. The project envisages extending fog computing to its real potential by supplying the development, composition, data and network management to reach secure end-applications.


Why a Trusted Platform Module is necessary for RAINBOW?

Fog nodes are basically installed near edge devices. This mitigate the impact of low latency, location awareness, geographic distribution, etc. Thus, some fog nodes are physically accessible. This is one point where the Trusted Platform (TPM) comes into play as a secured storage. Another crucial part is the establishment of Trust. A Trusted Platform Module is a secured cryptographic co-processor […]

Why integration and development process are important for RAINBOW project?

The software integration of a platform is always a process that involves following several multi-disciplinary approaches when designing the integration plan. It is unambiguous that during software integration many challenges arise, and at the same time, several methods and approaches can be used. Complex frameworks like RAINBOW’s are a blend of different components cooperating so that the overall system can […]

RAINBOW Platform Stakeholder Analysis: RAINBOW’s key stakeholders

Interests and relations, regarding the three categories of stakeholders which analysed in the Blog Post entitled “RAINBOW Platform Stakeholder Analysis: The 3 Categories of Stakeholders”, are further investigated in this analysis, in order to identify RAINBOW’s key stakeholders. Interest vs Power Matrix The Interest versus Power Matrix is a structured and comprehensive method to illustrate the classification of each stakeholder […]

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