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Automation in industry, connected cars and critical infrastructure observation with drones are some of the benefits associated with advanced technologies. However, these applications require more properties that can guaranty safety, including real-time reaction, secure and effective data protection and management, and industry-specific safety guidelines as well as energy efficiency. The RAINBOW project will plan and develop an open and secured fog computing platform that will advance the management of extensible, diverse and safe IoT services and cross-cloud applications. The project envisages extending fog computing to its real potential by supplying the development, composition, data and network management to reach secure end-applications.


RAINBOW’s 5th newsletter is now available

The Fifth issue of RAINBOW’s newsletter has just been published!Read it here and learn more about the early release of RAINBOW’s fog computing platform. Also, take a look at the first video of the project, entitled “RAINBOW Approach“. Furthermore, read out about the events which RAINBOW supported recently.Do not neglect to follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter […]

First version of the RAINBOW platform – Press release

14 September 2021 The 1st version of the RAINBOW platform has been realised! RAINBOW recently reached a significant milestone by delivering the first version of its integrated fog computing platform. RAINBOW’s first release abstracts and seamlessly handles: The deployment description of IoT services through the drag ‘n’ drop Service Graph Editor. The near-optimal placement of IoT services on provisioned fog […]

RAINBOW Approach Video – Press release

26 July 2021 RAINBOW Approach Video is OUT! The first VIDEO of RAINBOW is a FACT and is OUT! RAINBOW’s consortium releases the first video of the project, one that aims to awaken the public about the prospects of RAINBOW. Our video, entitled “RAINBOW Approach“, is the first of a series of videos which will introduce and explain all of […]

#Data has been handled, processed, and sent from millions of devices all around the world thanks to #EdgeComputing. @analyticsinme presents why is #EdgeComputing an imperative for #innovation in a data-driven world 👉
#RAINBOW_H2020 #FogComputing

The 5th issue of our #newsletter is now available 👉
🔸 Learn more about the early release of RAINBOW’s #FogComputing platform.
🔹 Take a look at the first video of the project: "RAINBOW Approach"
🔻Read out about the events which #RAINBOW_H2020 supported

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