Our Aim

The vision of RAINBOW is to design and develop an open and trusted fog computing platform that facilitates the deployment and management of scalable, heterogeneous and secure IoT services and cross-cloud applications (i.e, microservices).


Use Case 1

Human-Robot Collaboration in Industrial Ecosystems

Indoor positioning for safety-critical industrial IoT requires the propagation of telemetry, positioning and trajectory data at millisecond range from hundreds of thousands of objects, human workers and robotic machinery. Effectively monitoring these entities requires numerous sensors. At the same time, it requires the execution of complex probabilistic AI algorithmic models on 3D-spacing topologies to output coordination plans, continuously assess and prevent collisions among objects, robotic machinery and workers for specific factory sections and assembly lines. Because of the delay-sensitive nature of these tasks, propagating acquired positioning data to centrally accessible private cloud infrastructure, results in cycles, where often due to either unanticipated load and model processing, the outputted safety distances, coordination assessment and planning are derived too late. These challenges require processing positioning data and performing analysis directly on or near the sensing entities to guarantee faster and deterministic reaction.

Use Case 2

Digital Transformation of Urban Mobility

The goal of this use-case is to create a real-time geo-referenced notification system for vehicles traveling in urban areas about critical situations for the city mobility network, due to any possible cause (e.g., severe weather, failure of road infrastructure, huge congestion). The main challenges are: (i) the identification of a secure, anonymized and reliable virtualized “subject” who  will  be  in  charge  of  reporting  and  updating  local  information  (validation,  dispatch  to  users);  (ii)  study  of strategies for the optimal splitting of functions between the on-board application, the edge and the cloud backend and for  their  dynamic  configuration;  (iii)  the  identification  of  the  geographical  location  of  MEC  servers  to  support different user populations and densities, tailoring the service to the peculiarities of the covered area; (iv) the primary support of the emerging C-V2X PC5 wireless technology, but with the possibility of being suitable for any target V2V-V2I communication solution. The main innovation brought by the use case is to turn mobility actors in “prosumers”, i.e. producers and consumers of mobility data, creating virtual local dynamic communities. The core is the adoption of bilateral exchange mechanisms and real-time “service availability” for “people on the move”.

Use Case 2-min
Use Case 3

Use Case 3

Power Line Surveillance via Swarm of Drones

Power line surveillance is essential for all high and medium power line operators. Today, most of inspections are carried out with aerial methods with the use of both helicopters and ground patrols. However, the introduction of drones for power line surveillance is still in embryotic state. Although, using a swarm of drones presents the obvious benefit of reducing the total time required to scan the entire power line infrastructure, there are still significant challenges. The foremost challenge is drone autonomy. Performing high quality image-taking is energy consuming which results in the frequent return of drones to their base station for recharging. In turn, the image analysis is performed offline after drones return to base without any indication if the images are sufficient. If not, the drone must repeat the same flight plan. Moreover, although a swarm is used, currently drones do not communicate to coordinate routing alteration, image exchanging, terrain overlapping avoidance, etc. In addition, surveillance of critical infrastructure, such as power grid in this scenario, requires data protection, high performance, optimized resource allocation, energy reduction and specific restrictions. The main innovation of the use case is to move data processing on board. Thus, coordination of routing alteration, image exchanging, terrain overlapping avoidance, etc. can lead to higher energy autonomy and monitoring capacity while reducing overlapping during image gathering process.

Quantitative Improvements and KPIs


Digital Mobility Service Availability > 99%

Network Reliability 99,999%

Medium Device densities < 1000 devices/Km2

Anonymity, Non-trackable and Trustable Network

Robotic Arm-min

(ISO/TS15066) Compliant

No single failure Guaranteed

Real-time response <100ms

Deterministic interrupt timing 15µs

Positioning accuracy < 10cm

Sensor nodes authentication 100%


Increase Energy autonomy by 20-30%

Increase Monitoring Capacity by 30-40%

Reduce Overlapping During Image Gathering by 85%

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