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Automation in industry, connected cars and critical infrastructure observation with drones are some of the benefits associated with advanced technologies. However, these applications require more properties that can guaranty safety, including real-time reaction, secure and effective data protection and management, and industry-specific safety guidelines as well as energy efficiency. The RAINBOW project will plan and develop an open and secured fog computing platform that will advance the management of extensible, diverse and safe IoT services and cross-cloud applications. The project envisages extending fog computing to its real potential by supplying the development, composition, data and network management to reach secure end-applications.


Human-Robot Collaboration in Industrial Ecosystems: Preparation of Use Case Applications for RAINBOW

RAINBOW framework provides an easy-to-use toolchain for deployment and monitoring of applications and enable scaling through its orchestration capabilities. This allows high level of flexibility and efficiency as the system resources are used only when it is needed and more resources can be added or removed depending on the systems need. However, to enable orchestration through RAINBOW, the system applications […]


HACKATHON BUILDING OPTIMIZED IoT APPLICATIONS FOR DISTRIBUTED ENVIRONMENTS Organized in the framework of the Data & Web Science postgraduate programme Activity description The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to change the way we monitor, understand, and interact with our physical world, bringing it closer to cyberspace. Data collected by and retrieved from IoT devices are essential in building […]

RAINBOW Use Case 1 Webinar: Human-Robot Collaboration in Industrial Ecosystems

Online – December 9th, 2022 / 14.00 CET Organizer: BIBA Agenda: Join the webinar here:

πŸŒˆπŸ€–πŸ¦Ύ Take a look at this very interesting #blogpost from #RAINBOW_H2020. It presents the methodology used for modifying the applications of #usecase Human-Robot Collaboration in Industrial Ecosystems to enable #integration of #RAINBOW_H2020.

πŸ“’ #RAINBOW_H2020 #Hackathon organized by AUTH
3️⃣ December
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Online
πŸ’‘ #Docker Ecosystem, #DataAnalytics for #IoT #Apps
πŸ‘₯ Bachelor, Master & PhD students
πŸ₯‡ Hardware prizes (#RaspberryPi devices)
@datalab_auth #H2020 #CloudComputing #pythonprogramming

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