Open Horizon

One of the RAINBOW project’s goals is to influence fog and edge applications of the future. One of the many ways of achieving this, is contributing to frameworks that bear huge potential for production use.

Open Horizon [1] is an open-source platform for managing containerized application deployments and machine learning on edge nodes. The main goal is managing the lifecycle of applications without administrator intervention by finding the most appropriate devices for their execution and managing updates of these applications. Furthermore, Open Horizon enables an application on one device to use capabilities of other devices. The project was initiated by IBM and contributed to Linux Foundation Edge (LF Edge) in April 2020. Within LF Edge, it already has many synergies with other projects.

Potential Contributions by RAINBOW

Thomas Pusztai from TU Wien and Demetris Trihinas from the University of Cyprus presented the RAINBOW platform to the Technical Steering Committee of the Open Horizon project at the end of March [2], which has sparked interest in components of our platform. Specifically, several initial possibilities for contributions from RAINBOW to Open Horizon were identified:

  1. The RAINBOW Sidecar Proxy for bootstrapping Open Horizon services on edge nodes.
  2. RAINBOW Monitoring services for establishing a monitoring infrastructure in Open Horizon.
  3. The Fogify emulator [3] [4] for facilitating testing of some Open Horizon scenarios.

Open Horizon is currently waiting to test the first integrated release of the RAINBOW platform. Afterwards, the next decisions as to whether RAINBOW components are a good fit will be made. As RAINBOW, we are exited to see the possibility for contributing components to an LF Edge project that has great chances for making a big impact on the future production edge/fog applications.



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