On 29 September 2021, 14:00 – 16:00 pm CEST, HORIZON CLOUD is organising a Technical Community Event on “Unleashing the Potential of Cloud, Fog, and Edge Computing in Europe“.

The RAINBOW project will be represented by: Dr. Panagiotis Gouvas (R&D Director of UBITECH and technical coordinator of RAINBOW) and Moysis Symeonidis (Research & PhD candidate at the Laboratory of Internet Computing, University of Cyprus).

During this event, Cloud Computing projects funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme as well as other stakeholders from the Cloud ecosystem will present technical outcomes of their Cloud projects. Topics discussed during the community event range from Cloud modelling and optimisation to edge computing, unikernels, DevOps practices, and green Cloud.

Connectedness has grown up in the last year with the increased usage of smart devices now integrated in citizens daily life. This IoT digital mesh has split traditional edge approaches into three different concepts: near, far and data centre edges. The situation is highlighting, even more, the need of improved control planes to manage several different resources offloading in multiple ways, and not only on an edge to cloud bidirectional approach. In this context, PLEDGER provides the first steps for an intelligent resource management, benchmarking infrastructure providers and taking deployment decisions based not only on availability. During this workshop PLEDGER will present its approach for solving current and future challenges.

In this workshop, the RAINBOW project will demonstrate the advanced features included in the first release of its fog computing platform and present an inside view on the approach for pushing “intelligence” to the network edge with in-place data management and fog analytics services.

Read the full agenda and register here.


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