RAINBOW released a 2nd version in May 2022. This version includes advancements in all architecture layers and refinements based on demonstrators’ feedback.

UBITECH worked towards the Service Graph Editor & Analytics Editor component that belongs to the modeling layer and is part of RAINBOW UI.

The Service Graph Editor is composed of two parts, the first part is responsible to author and maintain application templates of cloud-native components, as well as save and instantiate the deployment procedure.

The second part is responsible for monitoring the deployed cloud-native components. In the second release of RAINBOW that part can provide information such as the current status of each component, live analytics data such as CPU usage, RAM usage etc and also network data like IP addresses and interface Ports.

Also, the second release of RAINBOW offers the Analytics editor which is part of the modeling layer. As shown in the figure below, there is the capability of complex query creation which includes the period, the window and the function of the query combined with expressions concerning the application components and the available metrics.

Figure 1: RAINBOW Analytics Editor

The Service Graph Editor & Analytics Editor depends on the Orchestration Layer’s Backend Services to save, deploy and maintain the Service Graphs. Also, it depends on the Backend Services for the communication with the Data Management and Analytics layer in order to create and execute queries as well as fetch the queries results.

In the second release of Rainbow the Service Graph Editor & Analytics Editor are fully integrated with the Service Graph Interpreter and Analytics Interpreter of the Orchestration layer and the Data Management and Analytics Service Layer.


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