RAINBOW aims at accelerating the production of successful software products and services for the fog paradigm, by hiding complexities and  low level systemic issues that are present at these layers, porting knowhow and methods from the cloud paradigm into fog  computing, allowing ICT SMEs to focus on their value creation methods and enjoy high quality services, than solving  platform specific, infrastructural and low-level communication problems.

Researchers and developers shall also observe the positive impacts of RAINBOW, given that one of the main project’s goals is lowering the entry point of  researchers and DevOps engineers to build on the project’s results for further research. As for the Software and cloud  industry, RAINBOW will not only empower innovation in start-up level but also R&D for established companies by making fog services more efficient and effective but also contribute to standards for fog services, while rendering the EU cloud industry globally competitive when it comes to fog and edge services.

End users of fog services will enjoy better and more tailored-made service performance by supporting dynamic configuration and performance monitoring, and on the long term it will contribute to lowering service costs for all.

Capitalize on the opportunities provided by the platform to deliver efficient, robust and secure services, avoiding huge investments that lead to vendor lock and enjoying the benefits of cloud computing in their full scale, witnessing also the decrease burden and congestion in  mainframe datacenters, due to the adoption of decentralized, edge and fog computing applications.

RAINBOW aims to suggest a new development paradigm that is able to give birth to an ecosystem that supports the  development of future IoT services and cross-cloud applications. Thus, the main idea is to let developers, service providers  and infrastructure do what they do best without having to develop complex services for smart resource provisioning,  monitoring and service orchestration. At the same time, developers and IT solution providers (with emphasis on the SMEs  that cannot invest on expensive proprietary modules) can get at their hands a complete solution which can guarantee device and mesh network security, data protection, identity management, anonymity and resource integrity at all networking layers. As far as it concerns data management, RAINBOW also deals with the complex issue of safely storing, processing and sharing data at the fog and edge layer; not only it will offer real-time, interoperable and secure data exchange, but it will also integrate data-analytics and processing solutions through extensions scheduling interfaces of popular open-source frameworks for big data processing.

Given all the above, RAINBOW aims to provide the only complete, open and applicable-by-anyone solution in the market with such a wide set of complex characteristics based on deep research on the tackled domains, contributing in practice to the competence of the whole EU software industry, with additional emphasis to cloud and edge/fog computing domains.

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