Second release of RAINBOW’s integrated fog computing framework


On May 2022, 29 months after the project’s debut, RAINBOW reached a significant milestone by delivering the second version of its integrated fog computing platform.

For the second release, all components are fully functional, and the integrated functionalities are available for usage. RAINBOW’s researchers worked towards improving the functionalities provided through the dashboard for the first release based on the feedback gained from the users.

Hence, the desired services are ready for the second round of evaluation that will lead to possible minor fixes and improvements.

Getting into the technical details:

  • Our Policy Editor has been updated and integrated with the rest of the platform so that policies and SLOs (Service-level objective) can be created and used through it.
  • Through the policies the pre-deployment constraint solver implemented and integrated, allowing to allocate specific compute nodes based on needs, while the optimization of deployments placement is offered.
  • Moreover, we managed to integrate the CJDNS with the key-management which allows the secure enrolment for onboarding new compute nodes in the cluster ensuring this way that they are safe to use.
  • Last but not least another significant improvement of the 2nd release are the extended and improved analytics and SLO editors which allow more complex SLOs to be supported and tested.

On the 2nd release, we offer an automated procedure to install and configure the master node of the cluster to be used, as also to install all the prerequisites at the worker nodes. As an additional feature, we offer kernel configuration scripts in case that are needed for the pre-configuration of the nodes, and we support both Ubuntu and Debian distributions.

All the above have been gathered at the following GitLab repository.

To support adopters of RAINBOW, we have collected useful instructions so as you to be able deploy and manage the applications through and easy to use user interface. You can find these here.

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