RAINBOW is a novel platform that simplifies the deployment and management of scalable, heterogeneous and secure IoT services. RAINBOW’s fog computing platform provides deployment, orchestration, network fabric and data management services for scalable and secure edge applications, addressing the need to timely process the ever-increasing amount of data continuously gathered from heterogeneous IoT devices and appliances.

RAINBOW provides users with: (i) an intuitive Dashboard and DevOps toolset enabling the description of application topologies and QoS requirements, (ii) a Fog Middleware with horizontal and vertical services for IoT orchestration, continuous service placement and management, adaptive monitoring, trust establishment and runtime verification and decentralized analytics; (iii) a Trusted Overlay Mesh Network as the control plane that efficiently abstracts the complexity of enforcing security and privacy crypto-primitives among fog services; and (iv) a Sidecar Proxy providing an execution environment embedded alongside service instances able to properly and efficiently manage both fog node resources and high volumes of data, which can be collected, stored, and analyzed in place to derive analytics. This approach provides IoT service operators with the opportunity to solely focus on their services business logic, leaving to RAINBOW the burden of how and where services must be placed, establishing secure collaboration among services and dealing with low-level aspects in data analysis including heterogeneous resource management, mobility and reducing data movement.

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