On December 6, CRF, LINKS and POLITO held a webinar about the Urban Mobility Demonstrator Use Case carried out as the part of the RAINBOW project.

The aim of the use case was to explore urban fog mobility scenarios and ecosystems. To reach this objective was developed and deployed an Hazardous location notification system for Urban Areas.

The webinar presented the chosen hazardous location notification systems “Animal On The Road” (European Telecommunications Standards Institute Standard) and the challenges to create an integrated environment between differents city stakeholders.

During the webinar there were deep sessions about every single susbystem composing the whole scenario and about the integration with the RAINBOW platform:

– The Road Side Unit achitecture

– The Rainbow Orchestrarion capabilities and components adopted

– The Cloud Architecture and the City Aggregator

– The connected Vehicles Architecture

The benefits coming from RAINBOW in the form of the automatic system performance tuning with the SLOs were also discussed.

The webinar ended with the wrap-up session.

All the presentation content (slides and recordings) can be found under the following link: https://rainbow-h2020.eu/rainbow-use-case-2-webinar-digital-transformation-of-urban-mobility-2/


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