Use Case 1

Human-Robot Collaboration in Industrial Ecosystems

Indoor positioning for safety-critical industrial IoT requires the propagation of telemetry, positioning and trajectory data at millisecond range from hundreds of thousands of objects, human workers and robotic machinery. Effectively monitoring these entities requires numerous sensors. At the same time, it requires the execution of complex probabilistic AI algorithmic models on 3D-spacing topologies to output coordination plans, continuously assess and prevent collisions among objects, robotic machinery and workers for specific factory sections and assembly lines. Because of the delay-sensitive nature of these tasks, propagating acquired positioning data to centrally accessible private cloud infrastructure, results in cycles, where often due to either unanticipated load and model processing, the outputted safety distances, coordination assessment and planning are derived too late. These challenges require processing positioning data and performing analysis directly on or near the sensing entities to guarantee faster and deterministic reaction.

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