Automatic Hazardous Events Detection is an urban mobility service developed by our colleagues from CRF (Stellantis), LINKS Foundation and Politecnico di Torino. Reliable traffic information exchange and detection of dangerous situations on the road are state-of-the-art georeferenced alert services in urban areas. The objective is to detect dangerous situations efficiently and send alerts to all the connected vehicles and to an event aggregator managed by the city municipality.

This demonstration is focused on a specific hazardous situation called “animal on the road”. It consists of a road equipped segment with an onside installation of a road side unit with its IP camera and AI algorithm on board.  RAINBOW platform is the technological base and vehicle to everything (V2X), provides a messaging layer which relies on a direct short range communication between vehicles and infrastructure. Also, on 5G mobile network and MEC technologies. The AI algorithms can be hosted either on the Road Side Unit fog node or on a separated edge computing node connected to the Road Side Unit is in 5G.

Watch a short related video regarding Automatic Hazardous Events Detection mobility service on our YouTube channel here:


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