Use Case 2-min

Use Case 2

Digital Transformation of Urban Mobility

The goal of this use-case is to create a real-time geo-referenced notification system for vehicles traveling in urban areas about critical situations for the city mobility network, due to any possible cause (e.g., severe weather, failure of road infrastructure, huge congestion). The main challenges are: (i) the identification of a secure, anonymized and reliable virtualized “subject” who  will  be  in  charge  of  reporting  and  updating  local  information  (validation,  dispatch  to  users);  (ii)  study  of strategies for the optimal splitting of functions between the on-board application, the edge and the cloud backend and for  their  dynamic  configuration;  (iii)  the  identification  of  the  geographical  location  of  MEC  servers  to  support different user populations and densities, tailoring the service to the peculiarities of the covered area; (iv) the primary support of the emerging C-V2X PC5 wireless technology, but with the possibility of being suitable for any target V2V-V2I communication solution. The main innovation brought by the use case is to turn mobility actors in “prosumers”, i.e. producers and consumers of mobility data, creating virtual local dynamic communities. The core is the adoption of bilateral exchange mechanisms and real-time “service availability” for “people on the move”.

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