On December 2, MSP conducted a webinar summarizing the Power Line Surveillance via Swarm of Drones Use Case carried out as the part of the RAINBOW project.

The aim of the drone use case was to test fog and cross-cloud services designed and integrated with the drone system , which enable the coordination of the individual drone tasks performing the inspections of power lines infrastructure.

The webinar presented the background of the large-scale drone missions, in particular the current limitations associated with these operations, the challenges that need to be overcome and the solutions that are designed and proposed by integrating drone systems with RAINBOW services.

Next, the architecture of the integrated system along with the benefits coming from the solution and the support in the form of the automatic system performance tuning with the SLOs were discussed.

Finally the use case test was presented, including characteristics of the planned scenarios , the demonstrators (early-stage virtual and advanced – physical) configuration and operation (including short video of the virtual mission), along with the results of the use case validation.

The webinar ended with the summary of the use case presentation and Q&A session.

All the presentation content (slides and recording) can be found under the following link: https://rainbow-h2020.eu/rainbow-use-case-3-webinar-power-line-surveillance-via-swarm-of-drones-2/


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