On Feb. 22nd, 2022 in a webinar the partners involved with the security and trust for fog and cross-cloud services, presented the current outcome in the context of security and trust within the RAINBOW platform.

IFAT gave an overview of cloud and fog computing security and provided arguments, how using a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) may increase the overall system security level. In RAINBOW, the TPM is used as a root of trust and an enabler for privacy-preserving cryptographic protocols.

DTU presented privacy-preserving configuration integrity mechanisms based on the TPM. In the webinar, they explained how the attestation and privacy-preserving mechanisms are used in RAINBOW.

POLITO showed a formal verification of the used security model. They gave an overview of current results and different tools that are used to verify the RAINBOW security model.

All the presentation content (slides and recordings) can be found under the following link: https://rainbow-h2020.eu/wp2-webinar-rainbow-security-and-trust-in-fog-computing/

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