On May 27, 2022, WP4 partners gave a webinar showcasing a “hands-on” introduction to in-place data management and distributed data processing for fog computing with the use of the intuitive services comprising the RAINBOW Analytics Stack. These services can derive analytic insights that can be used to enhance QoS and optimize resource management and energy-efficiency.

In their demonstration, UCY and AUTH deployed a realistic use-case for an intelligent transportation service (ITS) along with the RAINBOW’s Analytics Stack. Through the use-case, they highlighted how -within minutes- one can install and configure the RAINBOW data analytics services, monitoring agents, and storage fabric. Furthermore, they showcased how the system provides optimized streaming analytics, smart data placement, and resource- and energy-aware continuous analytics job scheduling.

Finally, partners quickly submitted streaming ad-hoc RAINBOW analytic queries to the system, explained their results, and highlighted the performance benefits of different RAINBOW-enabled scheduling algorithms. The entire RAINBOW demonstration ran through the Fogify Emulator, which emulated both containerized ITS services and RAINBOW analytics stack.

RAINBOW Analytics Stack documentation: https://rainbow-h2020.readthedocs.io/en/latest/UsageGuide/analytic_stack/analytic_stack_setup.html
Fogify framework: https://ucy-linc-lab.github.io/fogify/

All the presentation content (slides and recording) can be found under the following link: https://rainbow-h2020.eu/wp4-webinar-the-rainbow-data-management-and-analytics-stack-in-action-2/


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