On June 21, the RAINBOW consortium hosted an online workshop on Edge Orchestration. Platforms for managing Cloud-only infrastructures, such as Kubernetes or OpenStack are well known. Recently various platforms for managing the Cloud-Edge continuum have started to emerge. Both, academia and industry, have presented innovative ideas for tackling the challenges of this domain over the past years. This workshop presented platforms for managing Cloud-Edge infrastructures and applications deployed on them.

In the first session, RAINBOW member Ubitech presented an overview of the RAINBOW Platform and gave the audience a taste of its innovations. Subsequently, RAINBOW member TU Wien presented the Polaris Framework, used for implementing high-level SLOs and elasticity strategies in RAINBOW. This presentation was followed by a live demo of the Polaris CLI, showcasing how easy it makes building new SLO controllers and elasticity strategies. In the fourth session, Futurewei Technologies, USA presented the open-source Centaurus platform for building unified and highly scalable distributed cloud-edge systems. Finally, the workshop concluded with an experts’ panel discussion on current questions in fog computing with Prof. George Pallis from the University of Cyprus and Deepak Vij from Futurewei Technologies.

All the presentation content (slides and recordings) can be found under the following link: https://rainbow-h2020.eu/rainbow-workshop-on-edge-orchestration/


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